Paper Business Cards are DEAD!

Paper business cards are dead.

We all have paper business cards. We have all spent a fortune over the years making sure we have the perfect card to share with future clients. Lets be very real though, accepting a germ-infested object from a complete stranger, well, that’s probably a thing of the past. Paper cards won't have a place in society in a post COVID world.

How has COVID_19 changed us?

Meeting face-to-face has practically stopped due to travel bans and social distancing rules. COVID_19 has changed the way we interact with people & online meetings have become the norm. This has been great for those of us who would spend a day travelling for a 30 minute meeting. Wearing your shirt and tie with a pair of shorts and slippers is something you can get away with now. Lets face it, we've all done it.

Although virtual meeting are a great way to connect, a lot of us are hoping for face to face meetings to return. We want to see a familiar face, we want to tap elbows and have the little giggle and we want to do business looking directly into a persons eyes. Will we accept a business card though? I wont. Paper business cards will become more and more obsolete. However, they’ve paved the way for something new: TAPiTAG business cards.

What is a TAPiTAG Business Card?

Here are five reasons why TAPiTAG Business Cards will soon replace paper business cards:

1) TAPiTAG Business Cards are germ-free

Since COVID landed, we've all been extremely careful with what we touch. When we meet someone for the first time, we don't know if they've sanitized or where their hands have been. Using a TAPiTAG business card introduces a touch free solution to sharing your details. Just place your TAPiTAG Business Card within 3 inches of the receivers mobile device when you want to share & they'll receive a pop up - Job done. Exchanging information with the TAPiTAG Business card diminishes any possibility of germ exposure.

2) You can share your TAPiTAG profile with anyone, anywhere.

3) Never be out of date.

Don't waste money! How many business cards have your thrown out over the years because they're outdated? With the TAPiTAG business card, you never get outdated. Just update your profile whenever you need & stay up to date.

Imagine being able to share your latest catalogue, website, social media links, business card and so much more with just a TAP. Well now you can with our TAPiTAG business card. 


4) TAPiTAG is friendly to the planet

5) You can customize the TAPiTAG Business card for your staff & business.

With TAPiTAG Business Cards, you can customize the cards with your name & company logo. We can add in more details if you like, that's up to you. Save yourself thousands, help the environment & protect yourself against nasty germs. It's the best investment you'll make in 2021.