TAPiTAG Corporate

Our Corporate package is the best way to network, increase sales & manage your team.

cloud based management by TAPiTAG

Cloud Based Management System

Our cloud based management system gives you full control of all your fleet of cards. In seconds, you can make changes to profile details, add new media, deactivate cards & view your analtics from one interactive dashboard.

This is an intelligent & simple system that packs a powerful punch. Your staff will always be up to date with TAPiTAG Corporate.

TAPiTAG analytics

TAPiTAG Analytics

This is an incredible tool that gives you an insight on user & company taps. TAPiTAG analytics allows you to download your data for meetings & reviews.

custom designed digital business card

Custom card design

TAPiTAG corporate allows you to create a card that fits within your brand guidlines. From fonts, to logo's, we can help you create the perfect card.

Choose from a range of PVC, Wooden or Metal cards.

Your Brand | Your Design.

TAPiTAG user platform when you tap to share your details

Preloaded Cards

We preload each of your staff's digital business cards with the details you want them to share. Each card will be ready to TAP the moment your employee receives it.

From colours to logo's - We can customise your corporate page to help your staff stand out when it matters most.

TAPiTAG packaging digital business card

Executive Packaging

Each card comes in a premium black TAPiTAG reveal box. We want your staff members to enjoy an incredible the TAPiTAG reveal.

sustainable practice by TAPiTAG with Ecologi

Sustainable & Paperless

We take sustainabilty very seriously. One TAPiTAG Card or Phone TAG has the ability to replace all of your paper business cards. Our solution keeps your staff up to date without having to order more paper cards.

We've also partener up with Ecologi to plant a tree for every TAPiTAG we sell.

TAPiTAG data policy's

Contracts & Data policy's built for Corporates.

Our Contracts & data policies have been produced by Mason Hayes & Curran LLP. MHC are a leading Irish law firm based in Dublin with offices in San Francisco, New York and London.

TAPiTAG corporate digital business card

Corporate Package Benefits

Why go Corporate? Here's an infographic that shows you all the benefits vs our standard online cards. Have full control of your corporate Digital Business Cards.

Our Corporate Partners