Clodagh Forte

Social Media Specialist

While everyone in 6th year was preparing to go to university, I decided to go straight into the working world to allow me to save money to travel. This led me to getting a job in retail where I found a love for understanding consumers & their habits. Soon it was time to embark on a one-way flight to South East Asia for 6 months when unfortunately, the pandemic hit just 20 days into the trip which saw me flying back home to no job.  
        Lockdown motivated me to finish
 two online courses—one in visual merchandising and the other in teaching English. I decided to use what I learned in one of the courses to embrace my creativity and love for fashion to share outfit photos on social media. (Yes, I was one of those annoying people who was productive during lockdown - the first time at least) 
        Ireland reopened and I was hired for a job in hospitality where I learned to balance a busy working schedule and social media.
        When things began to return to normal in 2022, I boarded a flight to Greece to work on an entertainment team in resorts. When my contract ended, it was  time to return home to Ireland and for the first time I wasn’t looking to jump on the next flight and instead began to think about my long-term career which landed me here at TAPiTAG. 

My daily duty includes keeping up with current social media trends which involves spending many hours scrolling through TikTok (which I promise is work!) I create, schedule & post content that is on brand for TAPiTAG’s social media.  

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