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  • Executive gold metal card with customizable option
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Executive Gold Metal | Digital Business Card

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TAPiTAG Digital Business Card is the last card you'll ever need.


Premium. Luxury. Outstanding.

This is the digital business card you close big deals with. This is the card that gets you noticed.

Our metal digital business card is expertly crafted with an ultra durable stainless steel and meticulously etched with our fiber laser to guarantee the highest quality finish. Each card has an NFC chip embedded inside, this allows your to share your TAPiTAG profile in seconds.

Our metal digital business card is our most exclusive offering & each card is custom etched in Dublin to ensure a first class finish. Every digital business card is unique & designed with you in mind. You have a goal & a dream, we have a card to help you get there. 

This is the digital business card you've been waiting for. Go change the game.


How do I add my details to the digital business card?

Simply, Order a TAPiTAG product. Once your digital business card arrives, scan the QR Code on the card & setup your TAPiTAG profile in minutes. Once your profile is setup, you're good to start connecting with people straight away.

My design isn't centered on the mock up?

Our designers will ensure your logo & all of your details will be all in line before shipping to you. The design you see on screen is to give you a basic guide of how the card looks. 

I can see a background behind my logo - will this be laser etched?

No, Our designers will remove any unwanted backgrounds that appears on your logo. This will ensure the best result & finish to your TAPiTAG card.

I want a custom design - Can you guys do it? 

Of course, just tap the contact us button below & we let us know what design you require.