It's simple. Buy a Card, when it
arrives to you, you create a TAPiTAG Profile. Your TAPiTAG profile allows
you to upload your contact details, social media profiles, profile picture,
company logo & a personalized bio. You're in control of what you add to your
profile. When your profile is setup, you can then TAP your TAPiTAG off a phone
to share your profile. TAPiTAG uses the latest NFC technology to instantly
share your contact details & social media with others. 

-You can instantly share
& receive Contact details, websites, social media & more
in seconds.

-The receiver can save your
TAPiTAG profile direct to their phone contacts.

-Your profile can be updated
in Real-time.

-Grow your social media
following instantly.

-No App needed.

-No monthly subscription.

-Works on iPhone &


You can activate
your Digital Business Card in less than 30 seconds. Simply tap
your Digital Business Card or scan the QR code, this will bring
you directly to the profile setup page. Set up your TAPiTAG
profile & add what you want to share. 

Yes, the receiver can
download your contact card directly to their contacts. This will save your
Name, Number, email & your URL to your profile. 

Yes, you can easily update all your
details in real time. Just login to your TAPiTAG profile to make any
changes. To update your profile just visit - https://account.tapitag.co/

No, you don't need to download an
App. TAPiTAG opens up in any web browser so its quick & instant. 

TAPiTAG Digital Business
Card is currently compatible with 90% of smartphones and grows everyday as
older phones are phased out. We've compiled a list of phones that TAPiTAG
can work with. Check out our compatible
 list to see a full list of devices.

No, Only you need a TAPiTAG if you
want to share your profile. The receiver just needs to have their NFC
switched on to receive your details. 

No, there's no hidden fee's or
subscriptions. You make a one off payment & enjoy using our platform. Any
updates we run too will be free of charge to you.

All the digital business card are
printed & shipped from Athlone, Ireland. Digital Business Card are
processed & printed within 24 hours of receiving your order. We offer free
standard shipping globally or you can ship express with DHL.

We only work with
the most trusted partners to keep your data secure at all times.

AWS utilizes an
end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical,
operational, and software measures.

Organizations like NASDAQ,
HealthCare.Gov, Dow Jones use AWS platform.

iPhone: Tap your TAPiTAG Digital Business card off the back of the
receiver's phone, at the top. Ensure the receiving phone's screen is active
& not switched off.

Android : Tap your TAPiTAG Digital Business off the back of the
receiver's phone, between the middle and top. Ensure the receiving phone's
screen is active & not switched off.

To use the TAP function on the metal digital business card, please tap
the Square on the back of the card off the receivers phone,

Yes, absolutely! You can change your Banner color, banner logo, profile
picture & bio. You're in total control of how your profile looks. Just
login to edit your profile : https://account.tapitag.co/

It's very simple, just open the Command Centre & TAP the NFC icon.
Now you can TAP your TAPiTAG digital business card & your details will
share instantly. Our video show's you exactly how to tap
for older models.