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  • Gold metal TAPiTAG pet
  • How to use TAPiTAG pet tag if your pet is lost
  • gold metal TAPiTAG pet tag
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  • Dog with gold metal TAPiTAG pet tag
  • Dog with front of metal gold TAPiTAG pet tag
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TAPiTAG Pet - Gold Metal

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Pet Tag - Gold Metal

1 in 3 Pets will go missing in their lifetime - TAPiTAG Pet gives them the best chance of getting home.

Made with all our pets in mind. Give your lost pet the best chance of getting home with TAPiTAG Pet. You can upload all your pets' details as well as their owners contact number, home and vet location on google maps, owners email & even their social media profiles. You’re in total control of what you add to the pet's profile.

If your pet gets lost, a stranger can simply TAP their phone off the TAG or scan the QR code.

How does a TAPITAG Pet Retriever work?

It's simple. Buy a pet tag & Create a free TAPiTAG Profile. Add the contact & social media platforms you want to share. Clip it to your pets collar & you're good to go.

TAPiTAG uses the latest NFC technology to instantly share your contact details & social media with others. The pet tag also have a QR Code on the back for easy access also.

This will allow them to: 

  • Access your pet's name & Bio
  • Instantly call the pets owner on mobile or landline
  • WhatsApp the owner
  • Email the pets owner
  • Show the pets home or Vet address on Google Maps
  • Share your pet's social media accounts
  • Give your pet the best chance of getting home 

How do I activate it?

You can activate your TAPiTAG in less than 30 seconds. Simply tap your tag or scan the QR code, this will bring you directly to the setup page. Set up your TAPiTAG profile & add your details.


Can I update the Tag once I've set it up?

Yes, you can easily update all your pets details in real time. Simply TAP your Tag off your phone and click the login logo at the top right corner. You can also login via the TAPiTAG website.

Is the tag durable?

Yes, the tag is designed to last. The tag itself is made up of a waterproof epoxy resin that is protected by an outer metal ring. So not only can it survive water, it can also survive the adventures of our pets.

Do I need an App?

No, you don't need to download an App. TAPiTAG opens up in any web browser so its quick & instant. 

What phones will it work on?

TAPiTAG pet TAG will work with any phone that can read NFC (Over 92% of phones) or scan a QR code (any phone with a camera) . We've compiled a list of phones that are NFC Compatible. Check out our compatible phones list to see a full list of devices.

Where do the Tags ship from?

All the Tags are shipped from Dublin, Ireland. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order. We offer free standard shipping globally.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No, there's no hidden fee's or subscriptions. You make a one off payment & enjoy using our platform. Any updates we run too will be free of charge to you.

Where is my profile & data stored?

Your Data is stored on a secure & encrypted MySQL server in the UK.
We want to make it clear that we do not sell or rent any customer data for advertising or marketing purposes, we do not capture social media passwords (just the username is needed to connect to your profile), and customers have complete control over what online and social profiles they share via TAPiTAG and what information is included.