Five Reasons Why TAPiTAG Digital Business Cards

reasons why TAPiTAG NFC business card

Five Reasons Why TAPiTAG Digital Business Cards

1) TAPiTAG Business Cards are germ-free

Since COVID landed, we've all been extremely careful with what we touch. When we meet someone for the first time, we don't know if they've sanitized or where their hands have been. Using a TAPiTAG Digital Business Card introduces a touch free solution to sharing your details. Just place your TAPiTAG Digital Business Card within 3 inches of the receiver’s mobile device when you want to share & they'll receive a pop up - Job done. Exchanging information with the TAPiTAG Business card diminishes any possibility of germ exposure. 

2) You can share your TAPiTAG profile with anyone, anywhere.

Until now, exchanging business cards meant you had to be physically present to share and receive business cards. With TAPiTAG Digital Business  & NFC, we provide a seamless way to share contact information with anyone from a safe distance. With TAPiTAG you can create and send your details to anyone for free, even if they don’t have the app.

3) Never be out of date.

Every time you switch jobs, get a promotion, or change your email address, chances are you need to order new business cards.

Don't waste money! How many business cards have your thrown out over the years because they're outdated? With the TAPiTAG Digital Business Card, you never get outdated. Just update your profile whenever you need & stay up to date.

Imagine being able to share your latest catalogue, website, social media links, business card and so much more with just a TAP. Well now you can with our TAPiTAG Digital Business Card. 

 4) TAPiTAG is friendly to the planet

7 million trees are cut down each year for paper. 7 million. Think about that. Another stat - 90% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. TAPiTAG NFC Digital Business Cards helps to reduce your carbon footprint, it's the only card you'll ever need for the rest of your life. You could do your bit on saving 7 million trees being cut down each year.

5) You can customize the TAPiTAG Business card for your staff & business.

With TAPiTAG Digital Business Cards, you can customize the cards with your name & company logo. We can add in more details if you like, that's up to you. Save yourself thousands, help the environment & protect yourself against nasty germs. It's the best investment you'll make in 2021.

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