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  • TAPiTAG QR Slim phone tag that can be personalized
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TAPiTAG QR SLIM Phone Tag Black | Personalize it

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TAPiTAG QR Slim is the best way to share you digital business card on the go.


Looking for the modern way to connect? Look no further. 

Each one of our Slim QR phone tags is expertly crafted to ensure the most premium finish for you and your brand. Made with a toughened PVC material, this Tag is built for the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Networking has never been easier.

This phone tag is powered with the latest NFC technology & also has a QR function on the front too. Say goodbye to paper cards one tap at a time. 

At 0.1mm this Tag is slim enough to fit under your case. It also comes with a 3M adhesive back to stick to the back of you phone case.

TAPiTAG QR Slim is the fastest way to share your contact information & social media profiles.


Your Data is stored on a secure & encrypted MySQL server in the UK.
We want to make it clear that we do not sell or rent any customer data for advertising or marketing purposes, we do not capture social media passwords (just the username is needed to connect to your profile), and customers have complete control over what online and social profiles they share via TAPiTAG and what information is included.