Activate your TAPiTAG


Activating your TAPiTAG is easy. Follow these 6 steps below & you'll be ready to share in less than 30 seconds.

To get started:
TAP the Tag with your smartphone or scan the QR Code on the back of the packaging. This will bring you directly to the TAPiTAG setup page.
Step 1:
Fill in your name & Email Address, Click Next.

Step 2.
Verify your email address.
Go to your email inbox, click verify.

Step 3: 
Add a password & confirm it.
Click submit.
Step 4:
Is your TAPiTAG for Business or Personal Use?
TAP the one you prefer.
Buisiness or personal setup
Step 5:
Add your social handle to the prefilled links.
Whatever you add here will be shared when you TAP your TAG.
Click Save.
Add your TAPiTAG Socials links
Step 6:
That's it! you did it!
You can test TAPiTAG by holding your smartphone near it. Your phone should automatically receive the information you added via a drop down notification.
Click the notification to go to your link. You do not need an app to read TAPiTAG , any compatible phone will read the tag within 3 inches as long as the screen is on. Some phones may need to be unlocked first. Some android phones may have to have "NFC" turned on in settings. 

Please visit our FAQ Section if you encounter any issues along the way.

TAPiTAG team.